Tuesday, August 31, 2010

21st Birthday Post!

Wow, time passes so fast and i am going to be 21st in 2hrs time!

To all the friends i've met:
Your care and support is really important to me. You guys just made my school days memorable and enjoyable.

Missed those times when i was extremely crazy over Westlife with Jewel and gang! That was 10 yrs ago!

Missed those times when all of us studied hard for our o levels! Going airport for mugging and to bala's house with Cheryl Choy! Not forgetting gossiping about seniors!

Missed those times when we chit chat during lectures, playing and working hard for FYP, and not forgetting our KTV, HTHT and drunkard chalets!

I think i've changed alot during the past few months. Currently i'm learning to be independent. I used to think ever since i was attached, there is no way for me to be independent back again. I was really tire with sch life and enrolling in SMU really pulled my confidence down. Moreover, i always think that someone will be there for me. I don't have to worry about my future. Therefore i wasn't active in any of the school activities.

I am really surprised by how much i've changed this sem. I started to pay attention and take notes (which i've stopped once i got into SMU), mug in library, put more effort in projects, and do revisions. I am also glad that i have made the right decision joining Starring and Meta, which allows me to open up my social circle.

During this period, i am lucky to have a awesome group of friends always being there for me and supporting me. Thank you for all the advices. Those messages are still in my phone!

I will continue to be brave and stand strong! Please continue being there for me!

As we grow, we also start to realise the importance of family support. I am grateful to my parents in giving me such a comfortable environment to grow up. Not having the need to worry about financial issues and such. Providing me with my education till university and allowances! I won't forget how my dad stayed back in his office till late, w/o having his dinner, just to pick me up from sch after my project.

To Pinkie and Mocha! Please don't leave me!

Bless me! Hope everything will go smoothly for the rest of my life!

31 August 2010!

counting down... 1hr 20mins!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Park Yong Ha

Is so hard looking at news reporting on Park Yong Ha's death. He is e first artist who i've waiting for his arrival at Changi Airport and queuing up for hrs at Bishan Junction 8 with my science notes just for his appearance. The first 3 korean characters i've learnt is his name.

Inside my cardboard is albums of his photo taken and articles reporting about him when he was in Singapore 7-8 yrs back. During the meet the fans session in Bishan Junction 8, i could not get his autograph as the queue was long and they have to clear the location for the next artist, JJ Lin. I was so mad at JJ. My korean friend whom i've met while waiting at the airport quickly drag me to the front of the stage and call out for the translator. The translator is actually her mom's friend. Sadly, she couldn't hear her. I always thought there will be a second chance where i can get his signature personally, but it seems that there won't be any more chance.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I am weird. I can't forgive. However, it really hurts me when i see that he is not doing well. I do hope that i can still be by his side and walk tru all difficulties together. I know that i need him, but i must learn to be independent and strong.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sammi Cheng opens up on failed romance with Andy Hui

Xin.sg - Saturday, April 17

Hong Kong actress-singer Sammi Cheng's recent comeback to the entertainment scene after a battle with depression has been filled with talk of her previous 13-year romance with fellow Hong Kong artiste, Andy Hui.

The pair started dating in 1991 and broke up in early 2004 when Andy publicly announced the end of their 13-year relationship. After their high-profiled breakup, Sammi was labeled as an overbearing and bad tempered person, and was reportedly not well-liked amongst Andy's fellow buddies like Dicky Cheung.

Currently at Taiwan for her concert stopover and a new MV shoot, the 37-year-old finally broke her six-year long silence and explained the reason behind their breakup to the Taiwanese press.
"The old me used to be very willful and I took the people who loved me for granted. I am such a person and I have a fiery temper! Especially when I know that he is a person who loves me, it is easier for me to vent my anger on him," she said. Unlike her previous self who only knew how to "be loved" by others, Sammi shares that she has learnt how to "sacrifice" now. She believes that "whoever falls in love with me now, will definitely be very happy. I promise."

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What happen if you lost everything? What should i do when i'm lost?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Should i really out a stop to this? I've really tried my best.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

15 Oct 2009

wow it's being almost 7 months since i've updated my blog. looking back at previous entries, i really missed the past and i've moved on to another chapter of my life. never did i think that i could get into the university which i admire the most, SMU. it's like a dream still. though its the 2nd half of the semester.

everyone moved on and grow. the guys are now ALL in army. as usual, life in SMU is hactic. weeks passes by quickly. lesser time for gatherings...

17th sep 2009, just celebrated 4th year. nth posh, just a simple breakfast at elias mall kopitiam. but i'm happy. really happy. i fell deeper and deeper in love throughout these years. looking forward to our future. weird, int the past, he used to love me more than i love him, but it's e other way now. i tried to change to make up for the past. but is useless. i guess my love for him makes him feel stress. he's not happy. one day, he suddenly initiate a break. i know its a common thing. all my friends know tt we kept breaking and patching. but i've changed. i just want a stable relationship. is not me. after a few days, i tried to pretend nth happened and asked him out for breakfast hoping we can just forget everything and patch up. i tried to hold his hands in the lift. he rejected saying he's tired, didn't sleep for 24 hrs. we talked instead of having breakfast. i cried till my eyes were swollen. his attitude is still the same. is all my fault. i ruin his life. is not that he can't bring me happiness. i am the one that can't make him happy. whatever changes i made is useless. mayb it's time to let go cuz the problem is always there. but evertime he pretend nothing happened and call me, i will just go back to him. and the cycle repeats every year.

Monday, March 30, 2009

NSRCC Chalet (Pictures in Facebook)

Wow, our chalet was damn fun. At e end of the 3 days 2 nights, i was numb and lost track of e dates and day. We slept in the morning and party at night! It was full of gamblings, alcohols and pukes!

Day 1: Met Janet and head down NSRCC. We had trouble finding the bungalow. We were so impressed by the chalet! It isnt those dirty and old bungalow. It looks really posh and comfortable. Love e renovation! While waiting for Xue Wen and Kai Han to arrive wid the groceries, we watched America Pie- Beta House! OMG!!! So embarrassing!!! Lucky the groceries arrived and we quickly went to the kitchen to prepare the dinner. The rest came around 11 plus. Maria Boo (Shawn Boo) was damn drunk. He was crawling on e floor grabbing ppl's feet, dancing on Jia Hong, playing dirty wid KB and pillow fighting with Janet.

Day 2: Went down in the evening again. There were lots of food tt night. We watched horror movies till 3 plus. By tt time, everyone was falling asleep bt we nd to get e party started as it was the last night!!! Once e music started, everyone became high. I remember clearly Ernest, Kevin and Jia Hong kept asking me to drink!!! I kept shouting 'no', covering my head and scolding Ernest away. Ernest was abit drunk. I was abit tipsy so i quicky sat on e sofa Jia Hong was sitting when he was reaching for ice.

Lets have another one again!!!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/photo.php?pid=6338951&id=745645383


Monday, March 16, 2009

Aunties, Uncles, Kopi together?

Wow, it's been a long time since i blog. Was busy with FYP, than exams, than outings, than posting photos in facebook. Hahahahaa.

Just came back from Kopi wid Lionel, Janet, Jian Ming and Ernest. We are just like a grp of old uncles and aunties. Everyone was bored at home and Lionel just popped e question whether we wanna have coffee. We sat at TCC for ard 4 hrs chit chatting! We talked everything from UFOs to government and retire plans. Lucky e venue is TCC, if not we really look pathetic.

I have so many albums lined up in my laptop! Seriously need to find a software to upload them together.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Year Eve at M Hotel

Taking cab to M hotel

Free flow of Wine!
Love the display of desserts there.

Banana and Chocolate cake. Hahahaha.

MY FAVOURITE!!! DURAIN PUREE!!!! Only item i like in the entire restaurant!

Dear's Favourite!
Not forgetting e PRAWN! Its SO FRESH!
Coffee after dinner.
Filling e feedback form SERIOUSLY.

Taking cab back.

Taken by Dear.